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Buying Fake Goods in Kuala Lumpur

May 6, 2011

If you are in Petaling Street, KL, being a Westerner or having ‘different physical features’ (I’m being polite here, okay) makes you a likely target for a sales pitch and/or con job. Any goods on display are okay to finger and/or touch so long as its not the expensive types eg. costume jewellery, watches, etc. The seller will try his/her best to get your attention.

If you’re NOT interested, walk away. If you’re thinking of coming back to the same stall, just indicate by saying, ‘you’ll come back later after dinner’ or whatever.

If you’re offered a fake watch etc and its pushed right in your face, tell the guy you are Not interested. Be polite, and walk away. Walking away is OK, no one will be aggressive like trying to run after you to wheedle a few Oz or States dollars from you.

Being Asian, it amuses me to see these street sellers homing in on white tourists and ignoring fellow Asians browsing nearby. They always believe whites have more purchasing power than guys from Taiwan or Korea. I see it as Asians discriminating against their own …but no matter.

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At Least Do This: 1. Avoid going to street markets alone where possible. Mugging can and do happen.
2. Fake items abound in KL, Port Dickson, Penang, Melaka… browse around and take no notice of items shoved in your face. just look around and see if similar goods exist nearby. Then you know the item is not a novelty and easily available.
3. You like an item, check it for possible defects and ask for a price. If the opening price is RM50, ask for RM25. 50% below the seller’s opening gambit is a good start. He’ll soon say its impossible and ask for RM45 or still the RM50. Just slowly ‘turn away’ and he’ll quickly urge you to take it for RM35. Conclude the deal and exit.
4. Remember, returns are not available unless the seller mentions it. Street sellers the world over get emotional and at times, aggressive if a refund is asked, so avoid a street scene.
5. On Malaysia’s highways (the signboards are usually in green or yellow), never entertain suspicious looking persons approaching your rented car or taxi at the designated rest areas. They are not robbers, but are selling fake mobiles, watches, etc. They items are more like dummy items in shops then the real working models and invariably don’t work!
Alternative: If you are done looking at tourist shopping traps or entertainment zones, do what Malaysians do best- Eating! Get to a food outlet, see if locals are happy munching or slurping the foodies there…if its Yes, you can always join then. The local stuff at street level are always better-tasting than hotel food. Cheap too.

Or if you are in search of some peace and quiet, Kl has many scattered parks, from the one adjacent to KLCC to Tasek Perdana/ Lake Gardens.
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  1. November 27, 2012 4:12 pm

    Slm .. Kami sebuah sykt teksi bumiputera yang bekerjasama dengan syarikat induk terkemuka di Hotel2 bertaraf 5 bintang ingin menjemput pemandu2 TEKSI EKSEKUTIF yang tiada pengkalan untuk menyertai kami sbg back-up di semua rangkaian hotel/ stesen perkhidmatan kami. bayaran minimum mengikut syarat2 yg telah ditetapkan oleh syarikat.
    Kami juga memberi khidmat nasihat percuma bagi pemandu baru/lama untuk berjaya dalam menceburi bidang ini.

    Hubungi En Azlan h/p 019-3034120 utk keterangan lanjut.
    Terima kaseh.

    • palaknaga1 permalink*
      November 28, 2012 3:58 am

      Jika En Lan boleh berbuat demikian, baik. Saya sokong 100%. Saya cuma ingin mengingatkan yang berminat nak bawa teksi seperti teksi bandar, ramai lagi pengusaha teksi ala lanun yang cekik darah di luar sana tak terkecuali AIRPORT LIMO. Saya ingin berkongsi pengalaman; masih ramai lagi yang baru nak berhijrah ke bandar yang tiada duit banyak nak ambil teksi eksekutif dan sebagainya. Itu hakikatnya.

      Jika pengusaha sewa teksi ni dapat dikawal-urus oleh SPAD (dan bukan diurus kroni UMNO), tidaklah sikap gila-gila sebahagian pemandu teksi Malaysia menjadi sasaran di kacamata orang awam dan orang luar. Saya pernah mengkritik sikap negatif pemandu teksi Australia, Thailand selain pemandu kita…tetapi pemandu kitalah yang paling TOP… sebab pun impak dari pengusaha teksi (bukan semua) ala lanun darat.

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